I am small and go about my life often unseen by human beings.  Yet I play a big role in the overall experience of life.  If I were not being myself and chewing up plants and turning over soil, things might get pretty mucky. I enjoy being me and doing what I do!!

Humans are beings who often think too big.  They do not realize it is often the small things  you do every day, which make the most difference in your life.  How are you doing what you do?  Do you do it with joy and enthusiasm or is your energy low and you resent having to do it?  Perhaps you just go through the motions and are on automatic pilot all day long?  Putting a smile on your face when you drive to work, or wash some clothes, or go shopping can truly brighten up our day.  Your body responds, those around you are affected and I can even feel the glow way on down the lines of vibrations!

Today remember to pay attention to what you do and put more energy, more love, more joy into the very simple tasks and the world will take notice, one little trickle at a time! I am sending you my love and joy right now infused into these words! Do you feel them?

Little Beetle


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