The world awoke one day and we were there.  We played our own songs upon rainbows   the colors were more iridescent and bright than you might imagine.  The world, the universe, sang itself awake upon golden chords of sound.  Choirs of angels danced and played upon the rippling wakes of joy as orgasmic delight of love, bubbled up and through each Being experiencing itself for the first time, with childlike wonder, discovering itself, inside a moment in time ….awareness.  It woke up, born new and fresh, inside timeless wonderment and yet, you still create anew each moment.  No less amazing, no less exciting, never to be seen again.  Create your delights, the things which sparkle in your imagination, things you are passionate about, and they will become real.  Frustration and struggle can lead you to a never ending cycle of pain.  Being able to see is the key, the secret, the healing balm.  Rise above to this way of seeing, and allow the magic to lead your gaze, and find yourself smiling all the way home!
Bimmini Dolphin Group  © Morgine Jurdan


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